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WordPress funkiness

October 3, 2007

Why did the FlipFlopLibrarian use WordPress for her blog instead of Blogger? Well, she has a personal blog using Blogger and decided to try something new. What are the differences? Well, one difference is that WordPress only allows you to use the templates that WordPress has designed and put on its site. With Blogger, you can search for free templates and find something to stand out from the crowd.

Another thing about WordPress is that when FFL posts to her blog from Flickr, Flickr inserts some extra coded text that WordPress doesn’t understand. So FFL has to go back into WordPress to edit the posting and remove the extra text. Not very efficient.

What FFL does like about WordPress that Blogger doesn’t do is that WordPress allows its users to easily create static pages in addition to the blog content. So a person can have some informational pages (FFL’s is on shopping for flip-flops) in addition to the regularly updated blog content. Which makes this a bit of a hybrid between a web page and a blog. Nifty! (Note that Blogger can do it, but it’s much trickier)

Will FFL switch her personal blog to WordPress? No. It’s fine in Blogger.

Will  FFL create future blogs in WordPress or switch back to Blogger or try something else? FFL will probably go with the third option and maybe try a LiveJournal blog or some other blogging tool just to be different.

Here’s an interesting comparison of the two. And another one that includes LiveJournal.

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